Monday, June 14, 2010

resident evil 5

Resident evil 5 is a really good game. I just played it this weekend with my friend and we beat it together. It's fun but the part I dislike is that you can't move. You can only shoot but you have to stay in 1 spot. What sucks is that your getting sourounded by hordes of zombies and your helpless. But then again, thats what makes the game more challenging. I can say you will die alot and if your not used to playing 3rd person then this game may not be the game for you. If your into Zombie's then this is a must have! If you have played any of the other Resident Evil games then you know this is an action packed game, with twists around every corner!
I love the graphics too! There so gory and they seem so real. Sometimes I get a little scared.

I highly recommend this game! Of course, not to little kids due to the graphic nature.

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